Cokin Creative Flash User Manual

There have been many requests from folks wanting an electronic copy of the User Manual that supported the wonderful Cokin Creative Flash. I have just spent this afternoon scanning my only copy, and provide it here for anyone who wants it!

Cokin Creative Flash Manual


2 Responses to “Cokin Creative Flash User Manual”

  1. Cecil G. Hill says:

    What a great guy you are! I have a pristine Cokin Creative Flash (from my son years ago) and have been looking for the manual in my files for the manual which I remember seeing. Just got in the Wein adaptor to protect my Canon 7D and found the 55mm Cokin adaptor ring to fit on my Tamron 90 Macro. I am ready now to shoot some bugs.

    Thanks for the manual.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been searching on and off for a couple of years for this information.

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