Canon 70D announcement

The new Canon 70d has just been announced, and it looks to be pretty good value.  The reception has been very positive for those who have managed to get their hands on early copies.  See below:

I like the idea of improved AF in video mode, the touch sensitive articulated LCD screen and a few other features. I am going to get one as a backup camera to my Canon 1DX, and probably sell my 5D Mk III. Several reasons for this:

  • The 5D MkIII is a great camera, but kind of redundant alongside my 1DX
  • The 70D has a 1.6X crop factor which gives me more ‘pulling power’ over full frame when I need it.
  • The video capability on the 70D seems to be a lot more flexible – especially with the articulated LCD screen
  • I can control my Canon Speedlite flashes with the pop-up flash
  • The fact that this camera STILL uses LP-E6 batteries is FANTASTIC!
  • The inbuilt flash is great for reconnaissance nocturnal mammal photography. I set up a Cognisys-Inc. RangeIR across a trail, hook it to the 70D and don’t need to sort out batteries or connections for any external flash. Just use the inbuilt flash to get a ‘test’ pic. If there are cool animals on the trail, I will then set up with the 1DX, and some large, diffused external flashes.

With thanks to, here are a bunch of links to reviews and previews of the new Canon 70D

You can preorder the Canon 70D body from HERE

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  1. Jessica says:

    This will be the camera for me. I love to take high quality pictures and then if something funny or incredible happens to record it. It will be great to have both, high quality digital camera and video recorder.

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